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26. Aug, 2019
Updated website
Another project completed.
New tank install
We install all types and sizes of sewage tanks.
Drainage solutions
We take on all aspects of drainage.
Blocked drain
Pulled 6m of roots out, jetted the drain. Now running 100%


                  Welcome to Bedfordshire Drains Repair: Our family run business is here to offer you a great service, From just rodding your drains from blockage's to a complete survey of your foul drain system complete with a copy dvd for you to retain after:Which can be very usefull when selling a property to assure the purchaser that the drains are all sound and giving you that peace of mind.


Solving your drainage problems.


Are you having reoccurring problems with your drains?


We have the technology to successfully tackle even the most serious problems.


More often than not, a blocked drain can be cleared manually or with Jetting. However, if a blockage is more persistent, there may be a more extensive issue to investigate and fix.we can identify these problems with a CCTV survey.



Our CCTV units are second to none.
We can survey any size pipe above and below ground.
We can pinpoint blockages, tree roots, collapses and pipe displacements.

Every survey comes complete with a full dvd and a full report at very competitive prices.

Need to get rid of unwanted waste water?
No mains sewer connection?

This could be the answer your looking for...

From repairs,cleaning to relaying of any pipe size.
We use only the best quality products

Managing the problem


When the problem dont flush away...

If there is a problem with your drains that unblocking won’t fix (such as a collapsed drain) this additional cost may often be covered by your buildings insurance. 

We will undertake all work needed from start to finish,leaving you drainage problem free.


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