Waste Water and you...

Waste Water Managment

No main sewer to connect too?

Got a waste water problem?

This is your solution...

Their is many options to choose from such as size, postion and effectiveness for you...

This many vairy in shape and size depending on your requirements.

Features and benefits: Type tested in accordance with BS EN 12566-3:2005 Value for money Completely below ground installation Easy to install - reduced costs Proven technology with reliable performance Quiet, odourless operation Compact design with no moving parts Typically 1 to 3 year desludging period Deeper inverts available with a standard extension kit Option for pumped influent or effluent Effluent Standard better than 20mg/l BOD; 30mg/l SS and 20mg/l NH3 effluent quality Suitable for discharge to ground or watercourse - subject to relevant exemption/consent/license
Waste Water Tank
This is a condor waste water tank - ready to be installed.
Waste water Tank Installation
This is the condor waste water tank installed into the ground - awaiting concrete to arrive to cap it.

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